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EditionP.Oxy. 20, 2260 (E. Lobel, 1952)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
Pack2471 = M-P 0096.11
Van Haelstó
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 2
BibliographyR. Merkelbach, APF 16 (1958), p. 115-117; A. Henrichs, CErc 5 (1975), p. 20-38; A. Pardini, QUCC 55 (1997), p. 98-101; C.D. De Luca, Pap. Lup. 8 (1999), p. 151-163; Stesichorus PMGF, I, 233; D.A. Campbell, Greek Lyric, III, 233; Ibycus PMGF, I, 298; D.A. Campbell, Greek Lyric, III, 289; mentioned by VRS, p. 141, n. 48.
Platesed. princ. pl. X; De Luca, pl. 1 (p. 154).
Greek text Greek text in Unicode
AuthorApollodorus (?)
Quoted Authorauthor of the Phoronis;Homerus;Philitas Cous;Euripides;Callimachus;Stesichorus;Ibycus.
Genremythography + theology
Contentsextract from Apollodorus' Peri theŰn (?), concerned with the epithets of Athena. Comparable to P.KŲln 3, 126 (= P.Coll.Youtie 1, 1), P.Herc. 242 III, 247 III and 433 IV; close relation to scholia, Apollonius Sophista, and other minor parallels (cf. Henrichs).
Proper namescol. 1: AthÍna; Eleusis (R).
col. 2: Pallas; EuripidÍs; Kallimachos; HÍphaistos (Q); Zeus (Q); StÍsichoros; Ibykos; HÍraklÍs.
Mythologicalcol. 1: AthÍna; Eleusis (R).
col. 2: Pallas; HÍphaistos (Q); Zeus (Q); HÍraklÍs.
Size17 x 212 x 3.3 (extra fr.)
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservationtwo matching fragments, making up two columns at full height, of 30 lines each, almost complete in col. 1, but damaged at top and bottom of col. 2; an additional tiny fragment with a few letters from the end of at least 5 lines was edited by De Luca (p. 153), who thinks that they may be part of a marginal annotation by the same scribe.
Number of columns02
Column width05.5 - 06
Letters per line17-18
Lectional signsseveral cases of paragraphos, high stop and blank space to mark punctuation; quotations in ekthesis; line-fillers; a few corrections by second hand; iota adscript used at the only place where required.
Handmedium-sized, formal, mixed round, squarish, almost epigraphic, upright, strictly bilinear, regular, careful and elegant, well spacing the letters, decorated with frequent roundels and serifs; the hand of the additional fragment is smaller and the letter-shapes slightly different.
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