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EditionP.Oxy. 24, 2389 (E. Lobel, 1957)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 1
BibliographyW.S. Barrett, Gnomon 33 (1961), p. 685-688; J.A. Davison, Proc. IXth Congr. Oslo, 1961, p. 42-48; A. Garzya, Maia 14 (1962), p. 209-211; C. Calame, Alcman, p. 25-27, 44-49, 54-55, 65-72 (ad fr. 2, 3, 8, 19-24); D.A. Campbell, Greek Lyric, II, p. 374-375, 396-399; Alcman PMGF, I, 1, fr. 6 (p. 32-33), 7, fr. 1 (p. 55-56); cf. CPF I.1*, no. 24, 47T [Aristotle quotation in fr. 9].
Platesed. princ. pl. IV, V, VI; CPF IV.2, pl. 184 (fr. 9).
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted Author[Alcman];Alcman;Aristarchus;Pindarus.
Genrecommentary (selected lemmata)
Contentscommentary on Alcman, of quite detailed scope, but very fragmentary, containing some scholia of mythographic interest:
fr. 1 + 3: on the Dioscuri;
fr. 4, 1-4: on the Dioscuri and the Leucippides;
fr. 4, 9-11: on the genealogy of the Muses;
fr. 6, col. 2, 12-22: on the name of the Pleiades.
Proper namesfr. 1:Menelaos;Therapnai;Dioskouroi;Peloponnęsos;Helenę;Apharętiadai (?);Kadmos;Bakchai;Haidęs (?);
fr. 3:Kastôr (Q);Polydeukęs (Q, R);Dioskouroi;
fr. 4:Phoibę;Hilaeira (R);Apollôn;Tyndaridai;Mousai [Muses];Mnęmosynę;
fr. 6, col. 1:Kolaxaios (3);Agidô;Ibęnos (3);Aristarchos;Alkman;Knidios;
fr. 6, col. 2:Agidô (2);Atarnides;Pleiades (R + 1);Peleiades (R + 1);Pindaros (R);Ôriôn (Q);Agęsichora;
fr. 7:Agęsichora;
fr. 9:Lakôn (2);Alkman;Lydos;Aristotelęs;
fr. 35:Pitanę (3 + ?, R) + Pitanatides [Pitanętides];Dymainai (2);Pratinas Phleiasios (R);Homęros;Ępeiros;Chaones;Thesprôtoi;Thraikę [Thrace];Chalkideis (2R);Theopompos (?);Aitôlia;Aitôloi;Aitôlikos Chalkis (Q + 1);Homęros (R);Euboia.
Mythologicalfr. 1:Menelaos;Therapnai;Dioskouroi;Peloponnęsos;Helenę;Apharętiadai (?);Kadmos;Bakchai;Haidęs (?);
fr. 3:Kastôr (Q);Polydeukęs (Q, R);Dioskouroi;
fr. 4:Phoibę;Hilaeira (R);Apollôn;Tyndaridai;Mousai [Muses];Mnęmosynę;
fr. 6 (col. 2, 12-22):Pleiades (R + 1);Peleiades (R + 1);Ôriôn (Q);Agęsichora;Agidô.
Size9.5 x 22 (fr. 6)
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservationnumerous much damaged fragments, some of which belong together, numbered 1-35 in ed. princ., mostly small except fr. 1, 6 and 35;
fr. 1: 3 joining fragments, 17 lines, broken off continuously on the left and mostly on the right; interlinear notes between ll. 16 and 17 and at the bottom of the text;
fr. 3: 3 non-joining fragments, with remains of 10 lines (a), 7 lines (b) and 5 lines (c);
fr. 4: 2 joining fragments, with remains of two columns; col. 1: a few letters; col. 2: beginnings of 11 lines, with title in eisthesis in ll. 7-8;
fr. 6: 2 joining fragments, with substantial remains of two columns; col. 1: 19 lines, broken off at the left and heavily damaged in the middle; col. 2: beginnings of 33 lines.
Number of columns02 (fr. 4, 6c, 7a, 9, 35)
Column width06.5 - 07 (fr. 6)
Letters per line30-35
Lectional signscoronis and paragraphos to separate the scholia; abbreviations; diacritical signs in the margins: slash (several), combination diplę + slash (one), dotted inversed diplę (1); iota adscript where required.
Handsmall, informal, round, with relatively narrow letters, upright, markedly bilinear, regular, neat, elegant, carefully written with a thin pen, separating all letters. Most likely same scribe as P.Oxy. 24, 2397 (cf. ed. princ.).
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