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EditionP.Oxy. 26, 2451 (E. Lobel, 1961)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 1 - AD 2
BibliographyB. Snell - H. Maehler, Pindari Carmina cum fragmentis I, pap. 25; G. Calvani, SCO 21 (1972), p. 120-121; P. Angeli Bernardini, QUCC 16 (1973), p. 138-141; G. Calvani Mariotti - G. Derenzini, SCO 26 (1977), p. 159-169; I. Rutherford - J. Irvine, ZPE 72 (1988), p. 43-51 (on fr. B 17); mentioned by VRS p. 102; further bibliography in CPF I.1*, no. 25, 3T [Aristoxenus] and no. 29, 2T [Chamaeleon].
Platesed. princ. pl. XVI, XVII, XVIII; CPF IV.2, pl. 189 (fr. B1 + B2).
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted Author[Pindarus, Isthmia 1, 4, 6, 7, 8];Pindarus.
Genrehypothesis + commentary (selected lemmata)
Contentscommentary on poems of Pindar:
A fr. 1-4 = on Isthmians I, IV, VI-VIII;
B fr. 1-17 = on unidentified texts.
Mythographic material is to be found in:
fr. A 1, col. 1, 1-7 (= hypothesis to Isthmians): on the institution of the games by Theseus; different from manuscript tradition;
fr. A 1, col. 2, 24-26: on Amphitryon and his descendants;
fr. B 14, col. 1, 8-10: on the judgement of Paris;
fr. B 17.1-5: on Helen and the Dioscuri
fr.B 17.6- (= oschophoricon): mentions Theseus.
Proper namesfr. A 1, col. 1:Thęseus;Sinis;Learchos;Athamas;Nephelę;Hęrodotos;Apollôn;
fr. A 1, col. 2:Onchęstios;Poseidôn;Hęrodotos (2);Asôpodôros;Thębai;Orchomenos (2R);Amphitryôn;Iphiklęs;Iolaos;Hęraklęs;Prôtesilaos (?);Phylakę;
fr. A 2:Hęrakleios;
fr. A 4, col. 1:Psalychiadai;
fr. A 4, col. 2:Kleandros (Q, R);
fr. B 2:Minyas (?, R);
fr. B 14, col. 1:Megareis;Pelops;Alexandros;Hermęs;Hellęspontos (?);Euxeinos [Euxenos] (?);Ilion (R);Olympos (?);Moisa [Mousa];Pisa;Nemea;Alętęs;
fr. B 17:Dioskouroi;Helenę;Pindaros;Athęna Skiras;Thęseus (R);Athęnaioi [Athenians].
Mythologicalfr. A 1, col. 1, 1-7:Thęseus;Sinis;Learchos;Athamas;Nephelę;
fr. A 1, col. 2, 24-26:Amphitryôn;Iphiklęs;Iolaos;Hęraklęs;
fr. B 14, col. 1, 8-10:Alexandros;Hermęs;
fr. B 17:Dioskouroi;Helenę;Athęna Skiras;Thęseus (R);Athęnaioi [Athenians]
Size20.5 x 19.5 (fr. A1);13 x 16.5 (fr. B14); 5.2 x 16.5 (fr. B17);
Scriptacross the fibres
Front / Backaccount book, AD 1
State Preservationnumerous fragments, numbered A 1-4 and B 1-17;
fr. A 1 = substantial remains of two columns; col. 1 = right half of 33 lines, col. 2 = 31 lines, incomplete through damage, but in parts visible almost to full width;
fr. B 14 = substantial, but much damaged remains of 32 lines, with a large gap between l. 26 and 27; a few letters from the beginnings of 7 lines of a second column are visible to the right of l. 10-16;
fr. B 17 = narrow strip of papyrus with much damaged remains of ca. 35 lines.
Number of columns02 (fr. A1+4, B10, 13, 14)
Column width12.5 (fr. A1, col. 2)
Letters per line40-45 (fr. A1, col. 2)
Lectional signsseveral instances of double dot, paragraphos and apparently blank space (cf. fr. A 1, col. 1, 7) used to separate sections; trema (several); many abbreviations.
Handsmall to medium-sized, cursive, leaning forward, irregular and careless, though keeping the lines fairly straight.
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