Record 0079

EditionP.Oxy. 37, 2812 (E. Lobel, 1971)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
PackM-P 0343.04
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 1
BibliographyJ.S. Rusten, Dionysius Scytobrachion, p. 30-53; TrGF II F 721; SH 562; W. Luppe, Gnomon 45 (1973), p. 326; idem, Hermes 114 (1986), p. 492-495; idem, in: Fragmenta dramatica, 1991, p. 153-159.
Platesed. princ. pl. VII.
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted AuthorNicander; Alcman (?);Dionysius;Scytobrachion.
Genrecommentary (selected lemmata)
Contentscommentary on a poetical text (most likely a tragedy), discussing the roles of Poseidon and Apollo in the service of Laomedon. Most of the preserved text (col. 2, 1-36) appears to be a paraphrase from the section of Apollodorus' Peri theôn dealing with Apollo (cf. Rusten). It contains inter alia a quotation from Dionysius Scytobrachion's Argonauts.
Proper namesfr. 1, col. 1:Alkman (?);
fr. 1, col. 2:Phoibos Apollôn (2);Laomedôn (R + 2 + Q);Homêros; Poseidôn (5);Apollôn (R + 2); Dionysios; Priamos (R, Q); Trôes [Trojans] (Q);Troia [Troy] (Q); Nikandros;Laokoôn (2R); Ilos (Q);Atês (Q); Thymbraios (Q); Porkês [Porkis] (Q);Chariboia (Q); Kalydnas (Q); Hêra (Q); Athana [Athêna] (Q); Dionysos.
Mythologicalfr. 1, col. 2: Phoibos Apollôn (2); Laomedôn (R + 2 + Q); Poseidôn (5); Apollôn (R + 2); Priamos (R, Q); Trôes [Trojans] (Q);Troia [Troy] (Q); Laokoôn (2R); Ilos (Q); Atês (Q);Thymbraios (Q); Porkês [Porkis] (Q); Chariboia (Q);Kalydnas (Q); Hêra (Q);Athana [Athêna] (Q);Dionysos.
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservation3 fragments, two tiny ones and another fairly large one; the latter preserves the ends of some 26 lines of col. 1 and substantial parts of 49 lines of col. 2, broken off to the right and at the bottom.
Number of columns02
Column width09 - 09.5 (R)
Letters per line
Lectional signsparagraphos (several) to separate sections; obelos periestigmenos in the margin (fr. 1, col. 2, l. 5) to mark beginning of quotation; one dot in the margin, combined with ekthesis (fr. 1, col. 2, l. 37), of uncertain meaning; a few corrections (same scribe); one uncorrected misspelling; iota adscript consistently used.
Handsmall, cursive, leaning forward, rapid but regular and legible, keeping the lines fairly straight.
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