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EditionP.Oxy. 53, 3711 (M.W. Haslam, 1986)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
PackM-P 0075.21
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 2
BibliographyG. Liberman, Alcée, fr. 306E; C.A. Faraone, GRBS 28 (1987), p. 261-267; M.W. Haslam, BASP 25 (1988), p. 9-11; W. Rösler, in: Tradizione e innovazione, 1993, p. 227-235; R. Giannatasio Andria, BollClas 16 (1995), p. 55-62; mentioned by VRS p. 102; J. Lightfoot, Parthenius of Nicaea, 1999, p. 497-498; Hellanicus fr. 35A + 160A Fowler; G. Ottone, 'P.Oxy. LIII 3711, fr. 1, I, 17-24: un frammento della Lesbou ktisis?', paper at the Helsinki Congress 2004; Commentaria et Lexica Graeca in Papyris reperta I, 1, 1, Alcaeus 16 (A. Porro, 2004 - re-edition).
Platesed. princ. pl. X.
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted Author[Alcaeus (?)];Hellanicus (?); Alcaeus; Myrtilus [Myrsilus].
Genrecommentary (selected lemmata)
Contentsprobably commentary on Alcaeus, dealing with matters of early Lesbian history and saga (selected topics rather than continuous commentary):
fr. 1, col. 1: the Lesbian "lion-law" (perhaps taken from Hellanicus) and a narrative concerning Macar and a bronze lion made by Hephaestus;
fr. 1, col. 2: various accounts of Dionysus Omestes.
As to the specific genre of this text, there are two opinions that are commonly adopted among scholars: the text is a commentary stricto sensu (cfr. Rösler 1993 and Liberman 1999, II, p. 127) or it is a learned treatise with the subject of the Lesbiaka or a historiographic work containing citations of Alcaeus (cfr. e.g. Giannattasio Andria 1995) . The problem arises from the fact that the preserved fragments never give any paraphrastic-grammatical information, but only elements of historical-mythological observations, with references to specific auctoritates . A. Porro (CLGP, p. 226) mentions that the parts of the text are arranged as in a hypomnema, still only in one part there is a lemma from Alcaeus at the beginning (Alc. 130b, 9-11 on fr. 1 II 31-33), other references to the work of Alcaeus are integrated within the exegesis: this seems to rule out that, if the work is a commentary on Alcaeus, it comes from a hypomnema with continuous lemmata. Another element unusual for a commentary stricto sensu is the absence of lectional signs as the paragraphos or the coronis.
Proper namesfr. 1, col. 1:Themis; Mitylęnaioi [Mytileneans]; Kadmeiai [adj.] ?; Hellanikos (?);Alkaios; Hęphaistos (2);Makar (2); Pholoę;Lesbos; Myrtilos (?); Męthymnaioi[Methymneans]; Sibyllę;Iônes [Ionians];
fr. 1, col. 2:Krętes [Cretans]; Smintheus; Hellaneikos [Hellanikos] (?); Myrtilos (?); Makar; Dionysos Omęstęs; Dionysos;Mainades; Onymaklęs [Onomaklęs] (Q); Ainos (3); Thraikę [Thrace];Gerôias (?); Alôpekonnęsioi [Alopeconnesians];Thraikes [Thracians];
fr. 2: Lydoi [Lydians]; Alyattęs (?); Alkaios (?).
Mythologicalfr. 1, col. 1:Themis; Mitylęnaioi [Mytileneans]; Kadmeiai [adj.] ?; Hęphaistos (2);Makar (2); Pholoę; Lesbos; Męthymnaioi[Methymneans]; Sibyllę;Iônes [Ionians];
fr. 1, col. 2: Krętes [Cretans]; Smintheus; Makar; Dionysos Omęstęs; Dionysos; Mainades;Onymaklęs [Onomaklęs] (Q); Ainos (3); Thraikę [Thrace]; Gerôias (?); Alôpekonnęsioi[Alopeconnesians]; Thraikes [Thracians];
fr. 2: Lydoi [Lydians]; Alyattęs (?).
Size15.5 x 24.5 (fr. 1);3.8 x 9 (fr. 2)
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservationfr. 1: substantial, though much damaged remains from two columns at full height and full width, of 36 lines (only 34 actually visible in col. 1); possibly column number in upper margin (D or ID, i.e. 4 or 14);
fr. 2: endings of 16 lines.
Number of columns02
Column width06 - 06.5
Letters per line25
Lectional signsapostrophe; one trema; iota adscript usually written; chrisms in the margins, which point to a scholar's copy.
Handsmall, informal, round, upright, roughly bilinear, fairly regular, written rapidly and without particular care by a proficient scribe, with many ligatures and cursive elements; the lines are well spaced and straight and contribute to an overall tidy impression.
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