Record 0085

EditionP.Oxy. 39, 2888 (E. Lobel, 1972)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
PackM-P 1209.03
Van Haelstó
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 2
BibliographyW. Luppe, APF 24-25 (1976), p. 39-46; M. Fernandez Galiano, Estudios Clasicos 23 (1979), p. 289-290; H. J. Mette, Lustrum 26 (1984), p. 95-97; E. Gangutia, Philologus 130 (1986), p. 187-190; A. Giampaglia, RIL 132 (1998) [2000], p. 503-518.
Platesed. princ. pl. VI
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
AuthorCrates Mallotes (?)
Quoted Author[Homerus Odyssea 4, 5, 7]; Seleucus Babyloniensis (?);Seleucus Homericus (?).
Genrecommentary (selected questions)
TypeHomerica, mythology
Contentscommentary (without any preserved lemmata) on various passages of the Odyssey, perhaps a product of the Pergamene school of Crates:
col. 1, 10-25: on Eidothea's betrayal of her father Proteus, referring to Od. 4.398 sqq.;
col. 1, 27 - col. 2, 39: why Homer says that the Bear is the only star which does not set, referring to Od. 5.274 sqq. (question also found in scholia to Il. 18.489) and including a list of the leaders of the expedition against Thebes;
col. 3: on Calypso's instruction to Odysseus to keep the Bear on his left, referring to Od. 5.276 sqq. and mentioning Od. 7 (244?), mainly concerned with mythical geography.The geographical nature of the text is comparable to P.Mich. 18, 760.
Proper namescol. 1: Eidothea;Menelaos;
col. 2: ‘riŰn (2); ThÍbai [Thebes]; Adrastos;PolyneikÍs; Kapaneus;Amphiaraos;Parthenopaios; Tydeus (2);
col. 3:KalypsŰ (2); KratÍs (2);Odysseus; Seleukos;HÍrakleiai stÍlai.
Mythologicalcol. 1: Eidothea;Menelaos;
col. 2: ‘riŰn (2); ThÍbai [Thebes]; Adrastos;PolyneikÍs; Kapaneus;Amphiaraos; Parthenopaios; Tydeus (2);
col. 3: KalypsŰ (2); Odysseus; HÍrakleiai stÍlai.
Size17.5 x 22
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservation4 fragments which fit easily together, with substantial but much damaged remains of 3 columns broken off at the top; the best preserved, col. 3, has 40 lines, of which the 17 bottom ones are nearly complete. One (supposed) title (col. 1, 26).
Number of columns03
Column width05.5
Letters per line22
Lectional signsparagraphos (one straight and one forked) to separate sections; trema (2); iota adscript at the two places where required.
Handsmall, informal, angular, leaning forward, generally bilinear, regular, neat, plain, of handsome appearance, carefully written with a thin pen, separating all letters.
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