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EditionP.Oxy. 15, 1790 (B.P. Grenfell - A.S. Hunt, 1922) + P.Oxy. 17, 2081 f (A.S. Hunt, 1927)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
Date2 BC
BibliographyJ.P. Barron, BICS 16 (1969), p. 119-149; H.J. Mette, Lustrum 21 (1978), p. 28; E. Cingano, ZPE 79 (1989), p. 27-38; L. Tafuro, Pap. Lup. 5 (1997), p. 213-219; D.L. Page, Suppl. Lyr. Gr., S 151-165; D.A. Campbell, Greek Lyric, III, 282; Ibycus PMGF, I, S 151-165; Lysimachus FGrHist 382 F 21.
Platesed. princ. pl. III (part); Schubart, Griech. Pal., pl. 75 (part); Barron, pl. V-VI (enlarged photo of scholion); GMAW no. 20 (part); J. Irigoin, in: Il libro e il testo, 1984, pl. 4 (part).
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted Author[Ibycus]; Lysimachus (?).
Genremarginal scholia
Contentsmarginal scholia accompanying fragments of poems by Ibycus, with one note about the genealogy of Cyanippus (fr. 2-3, col. 2, 37 = S 151 Page), probably deriving from Lysimachus (cf. FGrHist 382 F 21 + L. Tafuro); cf. ps.-Apollod., Bibl. 1.9.13, and Pausanias, 2.18.4-5 + 2.30.10 for parallels on Cyanippus.
Proper namesfr. 2-3, col. 2, 37: Kallimachos (?, R);Lysimachos (?, R);Teukros (?); Adrastos (2);Kyanippos; Aigialeus.
Mythologicalfr. 2-3, col. 2, 37:Teukros (?); Adrastos (2);Kyanippos; Aigialeus.
Size31.5 x 20 (fr. 1-3)
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservationsome 20 fragments, mostly very small, except fr. 1-3, which fit together and to which also belong fr. 10 and 12; they show remains of three columns at full height: col. 1 = 20 nearly complete lines (a few letters missing at the beginning of lines); col. 2 = 20 much damaged lines; col. 3 = 8 complete lines, with a paragraphos and a coronis at the end, followed by a large blank space (12.5 cm) in the middle of which are written 5 lines of a scholion related to the preceding column.
Number of columns03
Column width07.5 (scholion)08 (main text)
Letters per line??
Lectional signshigh and middle stops; trema (several); quantity marks; breathings and accents (all by original scribe); coronis and paragraphos; iota adscript consistently written.
Handmain text: fair-sized, informal, angular, upright, strictly bilinear, fairly regular, but somewhat shaky, proficiently written, separating the letters (which however are closely spaced), with occasional cursive forms, most letters decorated with serifs;
scholion: tiny, cursive, leaning forward.
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