Record 0093

EditionP.Oxy. 26, 2442 (E. Lobel, 1961)
InventoryOxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, Oxyrhynchus
DateAD 3
BibliographyB. Snell - H. Maehler, Pindari carmina cum fragmentis II, pap. 26; H.J. Mette, Lustrum 21 (1978), p. 7 + 25 + 27 + 29; M. Serena Funghi - G. Messeri Savorelli, SCO 42 (1992), p. 43-62; R.L. Fowler, ZPE 96 (1993), p. 15-16; G.B. D'Alessio, ZPE 118 (1997), p. 23-60; Hellanicus fr. 101A Fowler; Epimenides fr. 1 Fowler.
Platesed. princ. pl. III-VIII.
Greek textGreek text in Unicode
Quoted Author[Pindarus]; Euphorion;Hellanicus; Epimenides.
Genremarginal scholia
Contentsmarginal scholia on poems by Pindar, two with mythographic information:
fr. 29: discussion on Clymenus' death, giving three different versions (by citing Euphorion, Hellanicus and Epimenides; cf. Apollod., Bibl. 2.4.11), and on matters related to Clymenus;
fr. 39, 7: three explanations of the epithet "Kronios" as applied to Pelops, the third being identical with the extant scholia.
Proper namesfr. 29: Erginos (2); Thębai [Thebes] (2);Klymenos; Euphoriôn (?);Perięręs; Hellanikos;Onchęstos (?);Kadmeioi [Cadmians];Epimenidęs; Glaukos;Hęraklęs; Lakedaimonioi [Spartans]; Menelaos (R);Lykos (R); Chimaira;Teukris; Alexandros (R);Helenę;
fr. 30: Troia;
fr. 32: Amphitryôn; Pterelaos; Kephalos (R);
fr. 39: Kronios; Zeus; Olympos;Tantalos; Ploutô;Kronos;
fr. 96 B:Selloi; Elloi;Kallimachos; Tmarioi (?); Thesprôtoi; Pleurôn;
fr. 97: Didymos.
Mythologicalfr. 29:Erginos (2); Thębai [Thebes] (2); Klymenos; Perięręs;Kadmeioi [Cadmians];Glaukos; Hęraklęs;Lakedaimonioi [Spartans];Menelaos (R); Lykos (R);Chimaira; Teukris;Alexandros (R); Helenę;
fr. 39: Kronios; Zeus; Olympos; Tantalos; Ploutô; Kronos.
Size7.5 x 8 (fr. 29)8 x 14 (fr. 39)
Scriptalong the fibres
Front / Backblank
State Preservation112 fragments, large and small;
fr. 29: below specks of inks from two columns are remains of 13 lines of marginal scholia, broken off on both sides;
fr. 39: remains from the ends of 17 lines of a column, with marginal scholia opposite l. 5 (2 lines), l. 7 (4 lines), and in the lower margin (3 lines).
Number of columns02 (fr. 1, 14, 19, 29, 32)
Column width??
Letters per line??
Lectional signsaccents; breathings; trema (several); high stops; quantity marks; apostrophes; paragraphos (several) and coronis; iota adscript consistently written.
Handmain text: small to medium-sized, informal, mixed round, slightly flattened, leaning forward, generally bilinear and regular, written quite rapidly but with care by a competent scribe, using a fairly thick pen, mostly separating the letters; undecorated except for hooks on certain letters.
scholia: tiny, semi-cursive, leaning forward, written with a thinner pen; some marginalia possibly by same hand as main text.
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