Record 0475

EditionB.K.T. 5.1.6
InventoryBerlin, Aegyptisches Museum, Papyrussammlung 10509
Van Haelst
ProvenanceEgypt, unknown
DateAD 2
PlatesCribiore, pl. XLVII
Greek text

base edition:

Greek text in Unicode

Quoted Author[Homerus, Ilias 15]; Homerus
Genrescholia minora
TypeHomerica, school text
Contentsglossary to Iliad 15, 17-180 (selected lemmata)
Proper names
Materialwaxed wooden tablet
Size7.4 x 15.6
Front / Backwriting, not yet identified
State Preservationwaxed wooden tablet (7.4 x 15.6 cm, writing surface 6.4 x 13.7 cm), broken off on one side (parallel to the longer sides of the tablet); four holes, arranged in two pairs, on one of the longer sides; written on both sides across the short dimension; the text on one side is written upside down in relation to the text on the other side
on one side a single column of scholia minora; upper and right-hand margin almost non-existent; the left-hand margin and the beginnings of the lines are lost due to the breakage; at the bottom a large space (more than one fourth of the writing surface) is left blank
Number of columns01
Column width?
Letters per line26 (ca.) (R)
Lectional signsmore than one lemma is written on the same line, and the different sets are divided by short horizontal strokes or oblique lines; at the end of the exercise a long horizontal line (paragraphos) and a blank space; iota adscript not written; itacism and some other misspellings (confusion between ? and ? and single consonant instead of double)
Handa student's hand, "rapid", more cursive and irregular than T.Berol. inv. 10508 (CPP 0473), but still quite practised, variable letter size (generally medium-sized), roughly bilinear, leaning backward (though the inclination of the letters is irregular too), no decorations
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